Sun dress

Anja-Sun-Suko-dressChanel-vintage-bag Topshop-blazer Valentino-sandals
Anja Sun Suko dress
Topshop blazer, similar
Valentino sandals, similar
Chanel vintage bag

This is an outfit I’ve been wearing back in June – a gorgeous month during which we had lots of sunshine and warm evenings. July was sort of disappointing so far, with many rainy days and crazy storms hitting Zurich. I always like to focus on the positive side of things, though: what a great opportunity it was to put my head into fall collections. Some major crushes and style inspirations coming up soon!

Vintage Vogue editorial



Don’t ask me where I got this gorgeous hippie-inspired vintage Vogue editorial from, I simply can’t remember. All I know is that I’ve held on to it for over three years and every time I look at it, am still blown away by those outfits styled to perfection.  Even though this editorial was once published in spring, it contains all the elements for a timeless easy summer feel: natural tan leather, the fringe effect, denim spirit, the metal details and of course, a belt that does everything. But most of all, these looks are able to generate that pleasure of vacation feel that I’m longing  for so badly!


Louis-Vuitton-bag Theory-leather-skirt Emerson-Fry-sandals leather-skirt-outfit shoulder-bag-worn-as-clutch
Theory leather skirt or similar
Zara blouse, Céline sunglasses
Emerson Fry heels
Louis Vuitton Vivienne bag
jewelry: Chloe/Etsy/Pompidou/my mom’s

I really can’t imagine my wardrobe not containing any leather at the moment. Two pair of leather pants and three leather skirts are currently hanging in my closet – all accumulated over the past couple of years. What I could not have imagined many years ago (I thought leather was only meant for super skinny people) has become more than a trend: it became a staple. The looks I like best are generally combined with very feminine or classy items. Like my outfit here: classic button-up shirt, sandals and a beautiful shoulder bag (worn as a clutch) elevate leather to another class.