The Art of Hair

With Sabrina of Blonderblog

Last week, I had a special date marked in my calendar: Mad Hairstyling and Shu Uemura hosted an evening in the name of the art of hair. I was getting excited when I heard the event would be dealing with Japanese rituals and ceremonies. I just love to discover about other cultures and traditions!

We got to taste chef-style sushi and nipp on exotic teas along the presentation. I always thought the only way to apply shampoo to my hair would be by using my fingers. Well, it turns out Shu Uemura uses different techniques for their products: shampoos are massaged into the scalp with a sponge, conditioners are brushed on, and at the end, the hair is getting rinsed with a drizzling “rain” shower. Moreover, their products are infused with vanilla, peach, mango, almond and other delicious scents… Loved the smells, the entire experience. And of course, always enjoy saying hi to familiar and new faces!

Thank you Mad Hairstyling for spoiling us during this wonderful evening and for introducing us to great products!

Sun dress

Anja-Sun-Suko-dressChanel-vintage-bag Topshop-blazer Valentino-sandals
Anja Sun Suko dress
Topshop blazer, similar
Valentino sandals, similar
Chanel vintage bag

This is an outfit I’ve been wearing back in June – a gorgeous month during which we had lots of sunshine and warm evenings. July was sort of disappointing so far, with many rainy days and crazy storms hitting Zurich. I always like to focus on the positive side of things, though: what a great opportunity it was to put my head into fall collections. Some major crushes and style inspirations coming up soon!

Vintage Vogue editorial



Don’t ask me where I got this gorgeous hippie-inspired vintage Vogue editorial from, I simply can’t remember. All I know is that I’ve held on to it for over three years and every time I look at it, am still blown away by those outfits styled to perfection.  Even though this editorial was once published in spring, it contains all the elements for a timeless easy summer feel: natural tan leather, the fringe effect, denim spirit, the metal details and of course, a belt that does everything. But most of all, these looks are able to generate that pleasure of vacation feel that I’m longing  for so badly!