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Give Money Or Keep It On Bag In One Of The Purses Of Style Lounge

The wallet is created to store all your bank cards, bills and coins. Ideally, the wallet must be as large as possible, because then fit enough money ... Well that's different for everyone, but we'll see more and more often appear smaller purses on the market instead of big. The man seems to have no preference, while the woman would prefer to have a big wallet.

Still want one Ooko like photographs and sleutes may lose their wallet. Often it is a picture of a family member or friend (s). Because of this, it is important that the wallet has plenty of room and can be decorated after own choice. Ultimately, the most important of the looks, the way the purse looks and presents itself. Nobody wants to walk around with a worn wallet. Style Lounge has a wide range of wallets ’ s and these are all available in different kinds of colors, designs and materials


The most popular wallet leather wallet because it lasts the longest with proper maintenance. The leather wallet wear out quickly and feels very comfortable in the pockets. Furthermore Style Lounge wallet ’ s of the plastic material, wool, sythethetisch and imitation leather. It is up to the individual what he or she feels finest.

The wallet ’ s are available in various colors like black, brown, gray, red, blue, green and many other colors. For the full range of colors please visit the webshop of Style Lounge. Style Lounge also offers different kinds of brands of wallets such as Boss, Chanel, Michael Kors, Castelijn and Beerens, Guess and many more.

The man's wallet happy in one of his pockets and the woman carries the purse rather stick to themselves or carrying her purse into her purse. Because of this you often see men easily find a smaller wallet, because it fits better in the pockets. The woman would prefer a big wallet and another four months. It is for the woman very important how the wallet looks like. For the man is something less and they often do more with a wallet than women. At the shop of Style Lounge is the complete offer can be found on purses. The offer is very large and there is something for everyone!