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Blouses are absolute classics, which is why every woman should have hang at least one of the all-rounders in the closet. They can be combined in many ways and thus offer the possibility always create new looks. For example, you can quickly conjure up a simple white blouse party outfits. Just a leggings or a skirt and beautiful Pumps to and from the dance floor

Pretty casual looks are quickly created

If you prefer a casual, complements the blouse with jeans and sneakers from Nike or Adidas and is guaranteed well dressed. In Style Lounge trendsetters find a large selection of blouses, whether or checked shirt chiffon blouse, here is the matching blouse for every woman there. If you entscheided for a Jeansbluse, however, it should be ensured that the pants or jeans sufficiently clear contrasts with the color of the blouse, so as not to let the outfit seem too simple. Otherwise can be a pretty blouse make little wrong.