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Kimonos for Women

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Kimonos For Women

Kimono for women are charters that you remain warm. This is great for those winter days where you want warm and neat walking and sitting. Kimono seem a little on jackets, maybe it's the same idea but the knitted vest are obviously much warmer.

The kimono can be worn anywhere, anytime you want. Some Kimono are good for work for a semi-formal look, but they are also great for stay at home and on the go business. This cardigan is so delicious that you feel quite good at it, so you keep warm at work and at home.

Kimono are also easily combined with a good pair of jeans or maybe for a more casual look with a good sweatpants. Especially a knitted cardigan with sweatpants are great for those days when you are at home.

These vests can also fine a shirt, this Clothing you can also find great at Style Lounge. The extent to filter at Style Lounge you can find precisely you measure between the rich offer in the range.


Since you're already watching'm in the range of Kimono, you already have a nice scarf? A scarf fits perfectly in a knitted cardigan and makes you even hotter and makes for a nice winter.

The Kimono can have a zipper closure, so you can close it nice and open when you want. They are also available in a version which kind of business you can keep yourself nice if you like the jacket look and if you so nice cozy want to sit there.

The Kimono can also take good job and then carry over your blouse so you occasionally nice to pack your jacket if it still gets colder. Because they are of course just on work and the ordinary everyday day.


Knit cardigan is not necessarily seasonal because they are also great to wear in the summer that just colder evenings. Because if you sleep along the promenade running in Frejus in southern France then it can sometimes be a little bit cool. Fortunately, you do not need your coat necessarily have to do again, because that is again drastically. With a knitted vest keeps you feel comfortable in all seasons and are available in different variants.