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Blazers for Women

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Ladies Blazer; Casual Yet Chic

In a blazer is every woman chic and stylishly dressed. It is a versatile garment, with which you hit the office but also in your spare time a good figure. You can wear jackets all year. They therefore always need to be present in your wardrobe. It is a versatile companion in all situations. Wear a blazer with jeans for a casual look with a dark cotton trousers for formal occasions or with a white blouse and tights for a sparkling party.

Casual or formal

Style Lounge hands you a wide selection of blazers for women in different colors and sizes, which is nice to drop your shoulders and accentuate your waist. Popular brands such as Only, Ashley Brooke, Roberto Cavalli, Vero Moda, BC Best Connections and Buffalo have a rich variety of high-quality instruments, using lightweight fabrics like jersey, cotton and su è the. You'll be the fashion-conscious woman styled perfectly.