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The jeans are the most popular garment of the moment. Everyone has different hanging in their wardrobe. And a large proportion of the population carrying a daily jeans. But it's not always easy to shop around for a new model. There are several different types of jeans and any model accentuates or covers up certain parts of the body. The straight cut, wide cut, skinny jeans and low rise jeans are kinds of fits. For everyone there is to find a perfect pair of trousers. The important thing is that you know what kind of body you have, and which model fits with this.

The history of jeans

Jeans are only a few decades a household name in the fashion world. They were invented by Levi Strauss, owner of the world famous jeans brand Levi (Strauss & Co). Today there are hundreds of different trousers are available, and each year the model is again exposed to new trends. Nowadays you can find jeans in many colors, with washes or broken knee and euml; n different brands


The right jeans for women

Jeans come in many models. And it can be challenging to find the right pants. Or trouser suits, depends on your physique. Do you have a little belly? This allows you to hide with a high waist pants. The straight cut jeans is perfect for anyone with broad hepen. In women with a pear-shaped figure a boot cut model fits best. The latest trend is the skinny. This was received with open arms by women of all sizes. Dangerous because the narrow tubes of this model accentuates the legs. You should actually or long, slim legs have to wear these pants. Make sure you know what body type you have before you go shopping for a new pair of jeans. It would be a shame to come home with a bad buy.

Various jeans for men

Not only women are dependent on their physique for finding a good pair of jeans. Men also should consider their body type. For men with a long and slender build and a slim and thin construction are the straight cut pants is the best choice. Men with an athletic body, especially muscular legs, better opt for pants with wider legs. Thus the pipe is not too tight to sit bone and muscles are still accented nicely. A wide-cut model is perfect for men with a substantial body type. With these pants you can camouflage (undesirable) curves.