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Jeans show a more casual look

hipsters like to belong to a stylish outfit this: They are so called because its upper hem sits on the hips and the belly button can freely. Fittingly, you might take this a hot summer top, which is also cut so short that the navel remains free. If still shines some jewelry or a piercing ring in this, the casual look is perfect.

Knappe hip, varied form

Of course, our hipsters for women can integrate well in other categories. So we show models in the field of Bootcuts, the bell bottoms or cargo pants. Hipsters can be long or be reflected in the sub 3/4 Trousers and 7/8 pants. Some are closed with a zipper, one with a button closure. It is worthwhile to browse again in our shop, because there are always great deals and our offer will change. To always get very low prices presented.

hipsters are favored by very slender women. So we offer ladies skinny jeans that are tailored directly to narrow figures. They not only show a narrow enclosed hip, but also super slim legs. Those who continue to like something that can be inspired on our website: The Fashion diversity holds for any woman ready the matching hipster


Versatile combination miracle

Whether hipsters with whipped or bootcut, here's Denim is the first choice in terms of material. Imagine one of our models with a vigorously carved western or another leather boots before - just perfect. Serve with a romantic white blouse with a few frills, and you are properly tightened. This is true at least for leisure and visiting friends; there is the job no fixed dress code, you also make the office a good figure. You can combine these pants, of course, with Chuck or sneakers and completely different tops. Our proposals will help you only to a harmonious outfit, but they are of course always an option among many.

Also in our ladies skinny pants: If you own a slim figure, you can choose all kinds of accessories. The tops may now turn pludriger tomorrow sit quite closely. The slim-fitting trousers combine with sandals in summer and narrow, knee-length boots in winter. Many women wear their hipster throughout the year and select on cold days just a longer sweater - the selection is also great: If the sweater only cover the navel and end on the hem? Or should he fall loosely to the thighs? In this second case, in which the body is stressed, the slender legs are particularly evident.

the way: If the hem of hipsters to see, you can use a flashy jewelry belt. Everything you need can be found in our shop. Try right now, what you personally enjoy!