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Moccasins for Men

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With moccasins for men it is wonderfully comfortable and easily in the spring, with the choice of Styles are no limits: from most elegantly maintained and sporty it goes on to absolutely trendy. Real Eye-Catchers are stylish models from pony fur in zebra pattern while representing elegant variations of calf or suede in the compilation of business outfits a reasonable alternative to the classic lace-up shoe. Athletic presents the trendy footwear among others in material mix of canvas and suede with laces and stitching.

Varied details ensure individuality

The moccasins for men with style lounge is available with round or square lace, bows, tassels or moccasin, college or with unusual patterns. They are made of the finest fabrics like jacquard and cloth or quality leathers and provide with flexible rubber - nap or leather soles for optimum comfort. With all the varied details all these shoes is something in common: It slips easily into them and feels around in them well