Partner up with StyleLounge

A partnership is profitable for both parties!

 Our advantages:

- We have the only website with a real price comparison pre-decided traffic

- There are great growth and internationalization opportunities with StyleLounge. We are present in six countries (DE, CH, NL, FR, SE, US), with many more to follow

- Our current month-to-month growth is above 10 percent

- We already have more than 450 shops with over 10 million products integrated

 We offer:

- The best converting traffic

- Simple integration through product data feeds

- Traffic directed to the product conversion page

- Opportunity of exclusive access to our PartnerCenter:

     > Monitor and adjust your campaigns on product and category basis

     > View detailed traffic and impression data to further improve your campaign

 Contact us:

Lucas Wehlmann

Head of Business Development

Telephone: +49 (0)40 - 228 170 060